Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Talked to the publisher yesterday concerning proceeding with publishing my book.
Spent a lot of time yesterday studying Energy Healing and learned a great deal. I spent too much time watching news of Haiti, just don't understand how they can watch people dying and say they are still making assessments before they can help anyone. I guess I believe in using my hands more that using my thoughts. Just wish I to be 30 years younger.
Supposed to have more sun today and have 2 more dogs for a couple of days. Rambo will be here to do his marking so that will cause more wash and mopping. Lela loves my chair, will have to evict a big golden every time I want to sit down. They absolutely love coming here because I allow so much freedom.
Will put the finishing touches on my book today and get it ready for the publisher.
Reached my first goal for the day; 'no misspellings'

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