Sunday, January 24, 2010

Still looks rainy outdoors and like most of you I am ready for the sunshine. I went out this morning singing, "Oh what a beautiful morning" hope my energy and attitude can change the world.
Jill came over and helped me declutter my kitchen and did some general cleaning, it also gave me a human to talk to. Lonna came long enough to bring some groceries and take my new picture for the book and for my profile. At 75 years old, I do not like what my picture looks like, I want to look like 40 but I am afraid that would take plastic surgery. worked a lot yesterday on my Qigong and also getting rid of some of my 'flab'. I spent some time on new research, one website leads to another, etc.,etc.
I am tired of football, none of my teams are going to the super bowl. I am not enjoying basketball, I am not at all interested in Kentucky being on top, so I am ready for baseball to start. I made a list yesterday of all the places in Northwest Arkansas that I need to check out as soon as the big boys go to their new home with their parents. As I watch HGTV this morning I am ready for the spring planting and getting my nest under the old apple tree all ready for some good times to drink my cup of coffee. The first day that I see the sun, I am going to gather my big pots together so I can start planning the herbs and flowers for my little spot of relaxation.

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