Thursday, January 28, 2010

Had Lonna bring me horse food, cat food and dog food, just in case the ice comes. Looks like the big boys will go to their new home on Friday or Saturday weather permitting. Did not get much accomplished yesterday but there are days like that, nothing seems to get going and the day is very fragmented.

Stormy caused me some problems this morning, when I got up this morning Sophia was in the living room sleeping in my chair. When I looked in the kitchen, Stormy was in Sophia's basket, they are indoor/outdoor cats and they do not acknowledge each other. Stormy is usually in the utility room on the dryer waiting for her food and Sophia spends most of her time in the kitchen in a basket on the table and in her box on the floor. I had to shut the gate to the kitchen, the dogs do not need to eat cat food, so Sophia could be fed on the floor since Stormy was not going to give up the table, wish they could cooperate and eat and sleep together. They are not unlike people who do not want to share and get along.

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