Saturday, January 30, 2010

All this ice and snow makes me so thankful that I do not have to go to work. I always had to be at work even if no one else was going. I have driven to work when my jaws would be so tight and sore when I got to work that I could hardly even drink my cup of coffee. I have met lots of nice people in my travels a couple of farmers were really nice when they pulled me out of the ditch so I could travel on to work. There were many instances when I had problems and someone nice farmers or travelers helped me. The snow is so deep today and it is so cold, when I went out to feed the livestock I had problems with the snow against the gait and spent some time just getting out of the yard. I think the snow was about 7 inches in the barn lot because it was over my 6 inch boot.
My bird feeder in the kitchen window was busy and loud with all the birds feeding, Sophie and Stormy stalked it because they thought their cat feeder was full. I put feeders on the front deck and at one time I counted 26 birds, the most beautiful are my cardinals, a dozen of them. The birds kept Sophie, Stormy and I fascinated all day.

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