Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The sky looks like we are going to have a sunrise today but it is very cold outside. I had to break ice on the stock water and became very cold when I ran with the dogs.
New dog today, Lonna brought me a miniature pincher last night, his dad did not want him. His name is jack and even thought I am not fond of the breed but he seems really nice. Is a week earlier than I wanted him because I still have Cowboy and Dude but we will handle it; have to do more Qigong and Energy healing for a few days. A new dog causes some of the group to mark everything, lots of mopping and washing.
The weather man says ice and snow storms starting Thursday, I hope he is wrong, I do not have my wood stove yet. I have to remember to start my car every day or I will have a dead car again. Have to trust that God will send me a life saver if the electricity goes off.

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