Saturday, January 9, 2010

Everyone has been fed, watered and loved; dogs, cats, horse, mini mule, pygmy goat and little hen. And I am ready to go to bed @ 7:30 am. But now it is daylight and I have other stuff to do. I have got to find someone to start my car, may have to get a new battery, I need to find a farrier to take care of JR's hoofs and I have to find a way of getting my house in good enough shape to walk through. Meanwhile it is time for a mug of coffee to warm my hands. A good reason to drink coffee is to warm your hands. I love nice thin cups to drink from and my younger sister and I used to see if we could not have the very thinnest cup to drink from.
Did several lessons yesterday in my on line classes, can't say I am learning much new excepting in the Reike class. Most of the other class is kind of a review of stuff I have known at one time or another.

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