Sunday, January 17, 2010

The big boys parents came and charged my battery so I could start my car. The young man, Troy, came and trimmed JR's hoofs and checked Janet's hoofs. I used lots of horse treats to make them happy.
There is so much mud now that the snow has melted, I have mud everywhere with 15 dogs, that's 60 paws, 2 indoor/outdoor cats that is 8 more paws, carrying mud into the house. I have old rugs and towels everywhere to catch the paws before they reach the bed or the couches.
Worked more yesterday on my Donna Eden program of energy healing and the Reiki DVD. Today my Cowboys play football and the Mavs play basketball so have to take some time out for the games on tv. Will try to do some exercises while I am watching tv. Will have to keep the washer going all day because there are so many dirty towel and rugs caused by all the little muddy paws.

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