Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I just remembered why I hated growing up on the farm. After getting out into the very cold temperatures and carrying water and food to my little band of live stock. It is miserable and I don' t like it at all. Got another space heater yesterday to place around the house so no pipes would freeze. Got through the night, all the water runs and the toilets flush, that is great. Everything around is cancelled and more weather tonight.
My cardinals are enjoying my window feeder, I have 20 cardinals and various other birds feeding this morning. the dogs and cats are all napping with full tummies and listening to music. I had my shower early because I had to get dressed and did not want to dress twice, how is that for laziness? So before 8 am I am ready to take a nap but need to have my breakfast and get started doing some of my on line classes. Also have to clean up my nest because I have reached the time when I am overflowing.
Don't forget to stretch as soon as you get out of bed each morning and say, "I forgive every one who has wronged me". That is what gets me going.

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