Friday, January 8, 2010

I dread daylight because I will then have to get out and feed and water livestock, the house is 63 degrees but the outside says 3. The tv is saying wind chill is well below 0. I have to change my attitude about this weather so my body will accept it. Even the cats are getting anxious to spend more time outdoors. The dogs would play out if I would stay out with them, but that ain't happenin'.
Did lessons in all my on line classes yesterday and received word that Cowboy and Dude's parents did find a place to rent, probably will take the boys by next week, they have no furniture so I have been going through my house and have enough stuff to get started. If they can find a truck; I have a couch/bed, a few chairs, a table and there is a refrigerator in Jill's garage. Even have some lawn chairs for their deck. Now to find someone with a truck, that will work free. It used to be so easy to get people to do things free, but I either have lost contact with those people or they do not exist anymore.

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