Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year! I am going to do everything to make next year good, including putting the cabbage leaf on the door frame.
My little Westies went home last night so my house is a bit larger.
I am going to learn how to turn off the text messaging feature on my phone, last night at 2 a.m. I got 2 text messages from people I don't even know, I don't even text and don't intend to do that little impersonal type of communication.
When reading my twitter account, I would imagine that I would love to live Martha Stewart's life, but I guess she has just as many problems as the rest of us.
Listened to an interview with Dr. Cass Ingram, he is so exited about the wonderful world of herbs and he inspires me.
My book is progressing well and now the it is 2010, I can really get serious and finish it.

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