Monday, May 31, 2010

Lonna and I drove a hour away, over into OK to get some raw milk, I had real cream in my coffee this morning and it is great. Now I can take my fat soluble supplements content that my body will make use of them. I try to justify everything I do and that is a good reason to have cream in my coffee. Also got a screen door on my front door so I have good airflow and the cats and dogs can see each other. My yard is freshly mowed, my tomatoes are almost ripe enough to eat and all the animals are happy, what is not ok. I read some more research on the "zapper" and will condense it in my writing, re listened to Dr. Shealy and Dr. Mercola and will listen some more today. Found some more information on the dangers of the acid blockers and wrote it up for my next book.

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