Sunday, May 23, 2010

The past 2 days have been really busy. Friday I shaved dogs, in the yard I have black hair from a cocker, brown and gray-yorkie, red fur from a couple of poms and some grey from a lhasa mix. I still have work to do on the feet and on Franklin's butt. The birds have enough fur in the yard to build nests for the next 10 years.

Yesterday was Molly, my granddaughter's graduation ceremony and by the time I walked 'miles' from the parking lot, many many step up the stadium, many many steps down the stadium, I found that I was not in as good a shape as I need to be. Lonna cared for the dogs while I was gone and they missed me so much that they can't get enough of me since I got home. Should not have watched my baseball yesterday, Razorbacks are the only winners, Cards, Royals and Rangers all lost. maybe today will be better. While waiting at the graduation, I did some more reading in my "healing codes" books and felt like using a lot of energy healing while watching 600 or so young people get their diplomas. Today if Doyle does not come to help with the yard work, I will be doing yard work all day. I have to mow and weed.

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