Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life gets more and more complicated, I got an e-mail; a man who has rescued several big nice dogs the past few years, he is now leaving the country for a job and needs to find homes for them. Good Luck, I can't even find homes for small dogs. All of mine are listening to music to set the order of the world in HZ frequency 528. It is supposed to be listened to with ear phones for best effect but I can't put ear phones on all the dogs and we all need our DNA repaired. We have to get the world in the correct order to live in harmony!! I am willing to try everything. God gave me youtube to keep me sane. I worked on book number 3 yesterday trying to get things in the right order and make corrections. I explained a lot of energy modalities of healing in it and enjoyed the research. I was awake too late last night; the Cards are playing on the west coast and it went for 13 innings.

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