Friday, July 16, 2010

I listened to a webinar by Dana Ullman last night and really enjoyed knowing more about homeopathy and of course then went on a few hours of research. He is very good. I have to do more reading today.
The storm last night took one of my limbs from one of my redbud trees and made the goats very happy to have a limb close to the ground so they could devour the leaves. I did more practice on my Qi-ssage and am feeling good about my progress in learning to do it well. Just 3 more days with the Campbell kids and I will be relieved to have them gone. Rambo and Lela come on Monday for a few days, they fit right in and really enjoy themselves so I can get out a little when they are here. I miss hearing Big Jim crow so need to get another rooster. I love the crow of a rooster, bray of a donkey and the sound of a train. JR is doing his job braying but I need another sound. The new cat that showed up last week end is terribly frightened of the road and sound of autos that it has to be fed under the car in the driveway. The other two outdoor cats are not sure about it yet, but lets him/her stay.

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