Thursday, July 1, 2010

The picture is of Katie.
Found a new home for Katie yesterday, she will have a nice mom and be an only dog. Still looking for homes for the two"almost pugs" and Matt, the cocker. I would like to stay under 15 dogs if possible. I have had a full day of work; had to round up chickens (the field behind the barn was mowed yesterday and they found a hole they could go through) fixed fence, fed and watered everyone, combed all the dogs, weeded the garden and did some tilling, de-pooped the back yard and ran the dogs. Gotta sit down and have my coffee. This old Mema is too busy to have to do chicken round-up but I don't know chicken talk so can't tell them to stay on the property.

If you want a copy of my new book, you will find it on or you can send me your address if I do not have it and I will send you one. I listened to two webinars last night: Dr. Alex Lloyd and Max Wellspring. Did some more reading in the material I downloaded on Arthritis, it is very readable and very good information as I knew it would be because, Dr. Stephen Sinatra was one of the authors.

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