Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gratitude Day Eleven

I am back on track, maybe I can count from now on. I am grateful for the wonderful birds singing in my apple tree and the nice cool breeze blowing through the tree. My horse Janet is an apple addict and comes into the yard every morning begging me to knock some apples down for her, she can reach a lot of them but she wants me to help her. I am also thankful for my vision, I know how your quality of life changes when you cannot see. My husband was blind for a year before he died and it completely changed every thing for him and the whole family.
I am also thankful that I can hear the sounds of the birds and the bray of JR. I am giving away one of my books today when I go to the Farmers Market. I love the farmers market and really appreciate getting to shop for fresh fruits and veggies there.

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