Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gratitude Day Seven

Today I will express gratitude for the vacuum cleaner, I dropped a plate in the kitchen, glass everywhere, in order to be able to go barefoot, I needed to get it up, all of it, so happy to have the vacuum so I would not worry that I did not get it all swept up. Really thankful that there is a cloudy sky today, my house will stay cooler. I had a great experience yesterday evening, I met a new friend or I should have said two friends because she had a great dog. In the old days I would have had coffee and tea ready to serve and some nice zucchini, banana, or apple bread made to serve but with this many animals, my kitchen is just not good to cook in and besides that my oven is broken. Just excuses I know, another excuse would be that the dogs would beg for whatever I am eating. I have to leave the animals long enough to go to the feed store and get animal food, I will give the people at the feed store in Gravette a book, of course, I have not been there in a while because I have had other dogs here and could not leave so Lonna has been bringing the horse, chicken and dog food. Body Ecology had a nice workshop via computer last night, I did not hear all of it but I did take notes on what I heard and I will dispense that knowledge to all, soon. Donna with Body Ecology is really knowledgeable and I try to keep up with all she writes on her website.

I gave out bones this morning and it is so much fun watching Lil Bear, the dog with no teeth, chew on a frozen bone, he is so inventive when it comes to figuring out how to get around his problem.

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