Monday, July 19, 2010

The guest dogs went home last night and today I get Rambo and Lela who use me as their second home, they will be here a couple of days while mom and dad are on a business trip. My friend Tamera will come this evening and take a picture for the cover of my next book. Lonna brought over a watermelon this week end so I had my kidney flush, am starting on my liver/gallbladder cleanse this week. I did not have a chance to practice my Qi-ssage this weekend but will work on it this week. I got several 'feedbacks' from people via e-mail about my second book. I guess anyone who had a negative review probably would not e=mail me. I must admit that I enjoy the positive feed back and walk a little taller with each one. I just looked down and joining the 15 dogs at my feet is my indoor cat, Ruby. She thinks she will fit right in and get a bit of attention. As I was out feeding my outdoor cats, I remembered when I used to milk cows at my grandmas house, all the stray cats in the barn came for me to squirt warm fresh milk in their mouths, you could not touch any of them but they came for their squirt. Modern expert say milk is not good for cats, "hogwash" I say.

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