Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am sad today because on Sunday one of my favorite little dogs had to be put down, Callie was one of those dogs that was perfect in behavior and during her 14 years of life she made her mom and dad very happy. It is very hard on your body and soul when a companion like Callie is no longer in our midst. Yesterday wonderful Addie, Bernese Mountain Dog, (her picture is attached) was found to be in the advance stages of liver cancer and last night went to dog heaven. Addie was with me a lot and I lovingly called her my big rug. She filled my floor where ever I wanted to walk and smiled at me all the time. She enjoyed viewing the world from the deck and watched all the animals play, getting along well with everyone. She like Harry died a long time before she should have and will be missed for a long time. I will miss her a great deal and I know her family is grieving beyond words.

I am slowly learning Qi-ssage and plan to practice on Lonna after choir practice tonight. I listened to a webinar by Dr. Sue Morter last night and since I was interrupted many times I am replaying this morning. Also saw some of the Baseball game, glad that the National League won even though I enjoyed seeing the Ranger players play also.

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