Saturday, July 17, 2010

I have already done my work and exercise for the day. Had a limb of my redbud tree half off, It as about 6 inches in diameter and I had to finish it off with a handsaw then put all the small limbs off it to strip it down so I could use the limb with many forks into a chickenroost for my chickens, they are getting too large to roost on the pallet that is setting up against the barn. I was not pro active and did not have glasses on so stuck a twig in my eye, so did put my sunglasses on then when I came indoors I put ice on it.

I did some work on getting my two 'almost pugs' ready to leave, I think Albert will be going to a new home in about a week.

I am taking the rest of the day off, gotta watch baseball on tv.

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