Saturday, July 10, 2010

I spent the evening listening to a webinar by Jonathan Goldman on sacred music healing and while listening went to and ordered the book for my kindle, that is just too easy and too much fun, getting the book instantly.I have read a lot of it already and went to this morning and ordered a CD. I also ordered another copy of Nancy Dane's book to give to my grandson for some summer reading. I sent out several copies of my new book to people who requested one, I may have missed someone because sometimes I get distracted and mark some one's name off before I address the envelope.

I think I have found a home for Matt, the Cocker, he went yesterday for a trial visit. Unless Doyle shows up today, I have to mow the rest of the front yard, just hope he comes. I get sprinkles of rain all day, nothing large enough to help while all around me there is a lot of rain and flooding.

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