Friday, July 9, 2010

Still having small showers so must use the dryer today. I have not had to dry my clothes indoors in a long time so hope I can remember how to turn it on. Had a nice informative webinar last night on healthy weight control last night and also listened to another webinar from my favorite Qigong Master, Chunyi Lin. It was a good night until both my baseball teams lost, both the Cards and the Rangers. I am ready to run the Cards coach out of town, I tried to tell him what decisions to make and he did some dumb things.

I am reading the material downloaded from the weight control webinar last night and listening to a replay of Chunyi Lin.

I have already fed everyone, combed the cats and dogs, played with my little goat kid and done poop patrol in the back yard. I was so busy trying to get everyone to get their feet wet and pottie outdoors that I did not get my energy exercises and lympathic flush this morning so have to take time to do that then have my cup of coffee. Start My Internal Love Engine is the definition of the word smile according to Chunyi Lin. Smile at a stranger today and make some one's day!

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