Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gratitude Day 4

this morning I have to express gratitude for Diatomaceous Earth, an all natural product that I put on all the poops in the yard and it turns it back to soil and kills any insects that try to breed in the poop. Maybe that does not sound like a great thing to everyone but it is great for me, no more going around and picking up waste from dozens of animals every morning and every evening, I just sprinkle a little white powder on each one and it goes back into the soil and fertilizes it for the future. Any way, it's a High Five for Diatomaceous Earth. I am also thankful for the little egg that Julie gives me each day, I could not eat it yesterday because I picked it up out of the barn, placed it in my pocket, as I usually do and about half way through the dog baths yesterday the dogs were paying a lot of attention to my pocket and BEHOLD! yellow stuff was coming out of me. I had broken the egg because i was too busy to remember that there was an egg in my pocket. I had to change clothes but I was awfully wet anyway, so what's the big deal, I was just minus an egg and the dogs got what i emptied out of the pocket. I guess I had better devise a better system for remembering to bring the egg to the refrigerator. That's another gratitude; grateful that there is lots of humor in my life.

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  1. I also love Diatomaceous Earth for killing fleas and ticks.