Monday, July 26, 2010

Gratitude Day six

Dixie and her sis spent another night and there has been lots of running and playing this morning which brings me to gratitude day six. I am grateful that Dixie has become a great, fun and loving dog, something that I did not think would happen. As soon as she felt responsible for her sister she became an adult, well most of the time. I am also grateful today for the wonderful breeze out under my wonderful old trees.

No egg to be thankful for this morning, I think Julie has a new nest because she certainly was singing yesterday and today but no egg, I will hunt down that nest then I must leave an egg because the golf ball i had in the nest has disappeared. The gift I gave today was some of my garden produce for which i am grateful for also.

I had to close off the cat door that leads out into the small yard because, Felix kept climbing over the fence every time I went out, he took a long walk then came back very happy that he had gone out. He did it three times yesterday and I am afraid he will be injured by a car. He always brings back a gift, a few fleas, and spreads it around to the other dogs. I have to comb everyone at least twice today. I have to complete a taller fence around the front yard as soon as I have funds and someone who will help me dig post holes. I wonder which will come first, the funds or the someone?

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