Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty Six

I appreciate the fact that Ozzie and Moo Shoo (sp?) mom got home and they are back in their house. They are cute little poms but very noisy and unaltered so chase the girl dogs all over the house. I gave their grandparents a book. I continue to be so grateful that when I want a question answered, I can go directly to the computer and get my answers. It has been almost 60 years since I have had farm animals so I have many questions about them. My chickens are large enough that I think it is about time I set up some nests so I can have more eggs, I went to the computer to find out how old they needed to be to lay eggs, I have a record of their age in my blog so I have a great assistant called a computer. I think I will give my computer a name. I will call it Mari, I had a great assistant called Mari many years ago, I must say she was much more social and had more beauty but was just as valuable as my computer. I did a lot more reading and listening to the materials, from Dr. Hyman. I also listened to an interview of Donna Gates from body ecology which I enjoyed very much and also learned how to correctly ferment my vegetables to make them more nutritious.

Another unusual happening yesterday; all 5 teams lost their games yesterday, well, loose some win some.

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