Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gratitude Day Nineteen

My cuz, Demona sends me lots of attachments to e-mails, I have a file for them but this morning there was one I shared on FB. A little girl singing Amazing Grace. It is great and gave me lots of memories for which I am thankful. My sisters and I used to sing gospel music as a quartet, my dad and mom took us all over the state to sing. Mom made us dresses alike, she even made little purses to match and we were good. One day we were on stage singing when an old man shouted from the audience, "Girls, pour it on 'em and if you can't pour it on 'em, pour it so it will run on 'em." I still remember hearing that old man. I think I was in Jr. Hi by then. I can't remember a time when we did not sing. A good friend, Jetta Blackard played the piano for us for many years; such a dear family. Jetta thought she was a member of our family too, she married a Martin. I am also grateful to have a cuz that will bring back those memories. You can read her historical website I am so blessed to have extended family. Also a cuz of my husband that keeps the memories flowing in her webpage from Colorado.

Yesterday I gave away peaches and apples, I have so many and the peaches are so sweet you can eat them right off the tree and since I do not spray with insecticides, they are safe to eat off the tree.

I spent a lot of time watching Wayne Dyer on the public tv station and enjoyed his lecture too. He mentioned that when a good deed is done, it helps the immune system of the one giver, the receiver and all who see it. Is that not good?

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