Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty Three

Did not sleep well last night besides having all the dogs keeping me warm, the air conditioner fan quit going. If no one gets here to fix it today, we will sleep in the living room where we have the little window air conditioner and a fan. So thankful that I have that little air conditioner in the window and that fan with an ice pack in it. Thankful that there are clouds this morning and water in my hose to water my trees in the front yard. I feel like I have done a days work already, fed everyone, watered everyone, watered my plants in the front yard, put ditamacious earth on all the waste in the back yard, shook the peach tree and apple tree so the animals could have their treat and called the repair man, had to leave a message. It is 8:30 am and I am ready to rest. I think I will take a cold shower first and treat myself to a cup of coffee. My dream used to be, sleep in and have my cup of coffee in bed, that will never happen, the dogs wake up early and want me up besides that they would knock my cup of coffee right out of my hand. Well so much for that, everyone is lined up to be combed but Chloe and she is guarding the food bowls in the kitchen so no one will over eat. As soon as I say, "Tater you have had enough," she takes over and keeps everyone out of the food. She is trying to help me take care of all these dogs. She brought an apple in from the yard and is guarding it also, just in case someone wants it.

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