Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty Eight

Cool breezy morning and I have been out training Felix, I have to love and appreciate the personality of this little half-pug. He is named because he runs like the wind and if I am out in the front yard he will climb the fence to get to me. Felix Jones now plays for the Dallas Cowboys and runs like the wind. If I find a home for him he needs to be trained so I have been working with him alone, all the other dogs want to be trained too, even the ones who are already trained. I also say I am thankful for the peaches on my peach tree, this morning I shook it for peaches for my livestock and two peaches for me. They are addicted to peaches, had to shake the apple tree too. Janet the horse was angry because I would not keep shaking the tree so she just went to my table and turned over my coffee cup. She is big enough to to anything she wants and even though she is nearing 30 years of age she acts like a teenager. Janet really believes she is a dog and the goats think they must be horses or dogs, don't know which. The people who want me to make a home for their two pet goats will probably bring them this evening and Jesse will be happy to have some new goats in his harem.

Did some study in Dr. Hymans books and DVD and also Did work in my Qi-ssage.

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