Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gratitude Day Twelve

Today I must express my gratitude for humor, laughter and general merriment. Laughter is the best medicine or so 'they' say, whoever they are. when I was working in corporate health I did some workshops on "Humor in the Workspace" and that was years ago when it was a new concept. If I could not start my day with laughter I would have a very long, painful day. Some people may think I am a crazy old lady but my animals and I have some good laughs every day. To start my day with laughter keeps me well, so I think. I always think of the song; I Sing Because I am Happy. I went to the farmers' market yesterday and was away from my animals mixing with the two legged animals of this county, not much difference with the exception of less frowns and unhappiness in the 4 legged animals. I did meet and visit with some strangers and saw a few old friends, I do not see strangers, I just get to know them. My kids are sometimes embarrassed with my visiting but it does not stop me from trying to 'make some one's day', as I am sure they are waiting for a good word or a friendly smile. I did come home and do some informative reading and as usual I have to share, so I wrote several pages in my next book. Sharing is my mission in life, so bare with me and let me share, whether you like my information or not.

I have to get my "stuff" together and start my detoxing cleanse today, I have put it off for the past couple of weeks and I do not like, PROCRASTINATION!

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