Friday, August 6, 2010

Gratitude Day Seventeen

I rejoice today because yesterday I got a bit of rain, and it is cooler. My plants and I are grateful for the shower and cooler day. I am also so thankful that my granddaughter came over to the house to play a few games of yahtzee with me, was a nice distraction. Today is day 5, the last day, of my liver/gallbladder cleanse and I am grateful for that. I have to stay away from the bathroom long enough to go a few miles and pick up Molly and Coco, they are spending a few days with me while mom is out of town. They are great little dogs and I enjoy them being here. I listened to a webinar by Dr. Raymond Francis last evening, he wrote the books, "Never be sick again", and "Never be fat again", both good books. His website has lots of good info on it: and I check it out often. He is writing another book and I hope he puts it on Kindle so I can get it cheap and also so I won't have to find room on my bookshelves for another book. The dogs are lined up for their combing and massage so guess I had better get busy.

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