Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gratitude Day Thirty

I Told myself that I would do the gratitude thing 30 days to make it a legitimate habit. Today is day thirty, I am so grateful today that I am going to visit old, old, friends tomorrow and also take my granddaughter to college. Going to college brings back old memories because two of my daughters went to the same college many years ago, I also enjoyed the relationship the college and PEO's helped me during that time when, my husband died, the Missouri PEO scholarship that afforded Lonna the luxury of going to that great school. Now the Arkansas PEO organization is helping my granddaughter.
Lala and Felix disconnected all my computer wires yesterday so I have had to reconnect everything and not everything is working well yet, in fact I cannot attach a photo today because the buttons just do not work. I had to drag out the old, old laptop, which I am so thankful I have, and use it for a while last night to listen to Dr. Norm Shealy, he is the greatest and I learn something new every time I hear him, he is a year older than I am and he is still researching and learning, I really admire that in a person. Since Lala and Rambo went home today I have to go to pick up horse food and have to find me some sandals because I go barefoot all the time at home, I have no summer shoes. I also have to water my trees today because the earth is so dry. I would encourage everyone to check out Dr. Norm Shealy and learn something new about how to be well.

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