Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty One

I am grateful for patience, I have written this blog and MooSho(sp?) knocked my computer off so I lost my data. Two little noisy Poms came for sleepovers last night, mom and dad are going to Florida for the week. Ozzie and Moosho are typical poms. I am grateful that I always seem to get a job when I need the funds for supplements or books. I got paid for Molly and Coco when I took them home yesterday, then went into town to get Dimatacious Earth since it was an emergency, I was completely empty. I also visited with an old friend and it made me appreciate my wellness. She has aches and pains in all her joints and especially her left shoulder, I know it is a frozen shoulder but her Dr. said probably arthritis and gave her a pill that did not help at all. I gave a quick massage and suggested a Sauna and Massage which she probably won't take time to do. She would probably do it if it were written on a prescription pad. Think I need a pad. My suggestion was to go to a good Chiropractor also. I gave another person a book and I came home so these two little poms could come stay with me. I listened to a couple of webinars last evening and did not learn a lot of new information, I disagreed with some of it so had to do some research to be certain I was correct.

Janet tells me I need to shake a few more apples off the tree for her and the dogs are lined up to be massaged and combed so I have to quit dilly dallying around and get busy.

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