Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty Nine

Because it is cooler this week my birds and butterflies are giving me beautiful pictures, I appreciate the fact that I do not need an artist painting, I have the real thing. The cardinals, the robins and many different butterflies are dancing in my yard. I am thankful that even though I did not see a living two leg person yesterday, I have lots of companionship with all the tame and wild animals. Sophie, the cat, came to the front door this morning limping and looking so unhappy, when I took the food out and did some cuddling her limp almost completely disappeared, I could not see an injury, could have been a sticky weed. I am stepping on some of those myself. Yesterday because it was cool, I turned off the air and opened the house, the outdoor cats enjoyed sitting on the front deck performing for Lala the Golden, in front of the screened door. It kept her busy so that she left Ruby alone for a while. The webinars yesterday did not appeal to me but today I get to hear one of my favorites, Dr. Norm Shealy, how I would love to attend some of his classes in person. I have also been reading some of Louise Hay's writings. I have read her stuff for years and really like her ideas. I would love to go on her cruise, but too much money for a poor old mema. My, my, Rambo is telling me to fill the water bottle for the dogs, they drink lots of water. I fill the 5 gallon jug every morning. They also drink the water I put outdoors too. Also gotta hang out my clothes and since Janet knocked down one clothesline I have to get my hammer and put it back up.

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