Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feels like fall weather

Feels like fall this morning but my plants look like hot, dry summer. Had a great day yesterday, cleaning the 3rd bedroom and pulling up old carpet, I will put down vinyl when I get home from Arizona next Monday. The bad thing is when you pull up carpet you must move everything out of the room. I had lots of help, the dogs were with me each step, just wish they knew how to move furniture and carry stuff. I lost my cup of coffee, got a fresh cup and took a few sips, walked out to hang out clothes and there was my first cup of coffee, sitting quietly on the back deck.

I tried to catch up on some of the reading on my Kindle last night and worked on the book cover. I gave up on the book cover and ordered Print Shop. I used to have print shop and used it daily. I loved it but as one computer after the other went off to electronic hell, I have not had it in several years, now I will have it and will use it to get that book cover finished so I can get book three and four sent to the publisher. I am also starting a new little book on creating magical moments and I am excited about that little project. I am going to create some magical moments with my grandson this coming week end as I created some magical moments with my granddaughter last weekend. Ours is a magical world. I have already reached a goal this morning, No Misspellings!!

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