Monday, August 16, 2010

Gratitude Day Twenty Seven

Today I am grateful for new friends. I made a new friend yesterday, a couple came to the house to see if I would give their pet nanny goats a home, they were not able to give them proper care so wanted to find a good home for them. They were a really nice couple and I said yes, of course. "I'm just a girl who can't say No." They did offer to bring me a couple of bales of hay also, so my Jesse will have a couple of girl friends and that will make him happy and I will have two goats to make into dogs. I really enjoyed the visit and I gave them a book, I will bet that you already knew that fact. I also received a call of which I am very thankful, Reta from pug rescue called to say she had found a family that would like to see if Felix would fit into their family. I will wait for their call and see if that might become a reality. As I look out my window, I really appreciate my roses, I have a pink rose bush that, in spite of hot, hot, dry weather, it keeps blooming, smaller and less blossoms but it is blooming for my good. I got my new supply of MSM and so in my book I wrote about the great things that MSM will do for your wellness. I hope you will do a bit of research and make use of this product. The dogs are lined up for combing so I had better get busy.

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