Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It looks positive for sun today and that makes me happy, still looking forward to the thawing of my hose to the barn yard.
Did lots of work on my book yesterday and listened to an interview with David Wolfe on minerals that I really enjoyed and learned a lot of new stuff. I also got my next group of lessons on Qigong and watched the videos last night, have not practiced with them yet. Lots of information on healing.
I will send Adelaide home today and that will be a relief, also less wash to do every day. Don't know when Barky's parents will be home, soon I hope and will have Abby and Zoe a few more days.
Got a call from a book company yesterday and she will call back today to talk to me concerning publishing an on demand book.
I heard from Romo (Dallas Cowboy quarterback) that Santa left my Kindle with him. I think I need it more than he does but guess I will continue to have books all over the house and spend hours hunting information.

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