Saturday, October 16, 2010

Longevity Now conference, learning new info

I am listening to more of the Longevity Conference and really learning a lot of new information.

A beautiful day, even though I did have to have my shoes on when I fed the livestock, a bit cool but nice sunshine. I have a list of stuff to research from the information I gained listening to the lectures I listened to yesterday and today, I may have to take my laptop outdoors in order to get sun at the same time I am learning. All the animals would enjoy that. I think I will see some two legged creatures today too, that will be great. After the exercise the dogs and cats got this morning in the fresh air, they are all napping so I will have peace and quiet unless I get up from the computer. If I stand up everyone thinks it is time to go do something in the yard so lots of activity begins. I did a short version of my energy exercises this morning barefoot but will have to finish up as the sun warms the earth a little, my feet got cold. I will gain two dogs for a week that I have not met, will take a while to get their orientation done as they get used to all these animals, hope they like cats. It always takes a while to integrate new sleepover dogs, lots of barking, sniffing and bumping butts. One of the female goats must be in heat because Jesse is really chasing them this morning, taking care of his harem keeps him busy.

Really sad that my Texas Rangers lost the baseball game last night, gotta win today.

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