Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New learning opportunities

What a beautiful day, I think I will take my laptop outdoors today under the old apple tree. I did get my book ready for the publisher to work with last night as I finally figured out, with Lonna's help, how to get the covers correct. Certainly delayed everything when the main computer went down. I have learned over the years that detours usually create learning opportunities and just have to take them as they come. Today I have to figure out how to redo my flyer on the laptop, lots of 'should haves', should have e-mailed a copy to me so I would not loose it when the computer changes. I imagine some young person who is computer savvy would be able to figure things out much faster but they would not have nearly as much fun as I do. I listened to a webinar by Brent Phillips on Theta healing but it was a repeat of what I already knew.

I did download that animated e-mail this morning and my little animated dog is telling me that I have new messages, now I have to figure out how to get my contacts into that program, so now I can only use it for sending out, if I know the address or if I am answering an e-mail. It is funny though, hope I can figure it out.

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