Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meet Monroe

Meet Monroe he and his brother Quincy are doing sleepovers at Memas this week, they have already learned how to go in and out through the doggie doors. I did see 2 legged creatures yesterday, all my daughters were here, talked to my son and grandson on the phone and chatted with Molly my granddaughter on facebook, all in all it was a great day.

I am replaying my webinar of Dr. Mercola at the Longevity Conference this morning all about living 150 healthy years. I learned about the bio mat from Donna Gates and did research on it, would be nice to have one but they are too expensive for my budget. However if I were ill or had aches and pains, I would purchase one. Nothing is as important as your wellness and being pain free. Penny went back to the craft fair and bought a couple of things including a beautiful woven rug made by the people at the human development center in Booneville, I think I may call them for more. or phone 479-675-1492. The rugs are from recycled materials. I love thoughtful and creative people.

Razorbacks lost yesterday but my Texas Rangers won!! Will get to see my Chiefs and Cowboys today. Another beautiful cool fall morning.

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