Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another beautiful day and maybe I can spend some time outdoors. I have a note this morning that my book cover does not fit the correct standards so here I go again, I worked on one for several weeks last time and finally just let them print a plain white cover, I am not doing that this time, if it happens I will just send to another company. I like createspace because it is attached to amazon but I can go other places. I spent some time yesterday watching baseball playoffs and watched my Texas Rangers win and saw a no hit game also. The wrong team had the no hitter!! Plan to go out to eat today and am looking forward to it, Penny will watch my little pocket poodle while I eat. Princess has been in my arms or in my pocket almost constantly since Sunday afternoon, she is a little less aggressive when one of the other dogs get near her but she still does not socialize with them. When I was feeding the livestock yesterday, I had her in my arms and JR got his nose too close, she bit him on the nose so he backed off. I am so surprised that her mother has not called and checked on her, if she were mine I would be worried and just have to check on her. She has not even met me, just believing what she has heard about me. I would not be that trusting.

A young friend of my said that because today is my birthday; "Miss Freddie went another year without getting sick", that might be a good way to describe my year.

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