Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cat is adjusted to surroundings!

Nellie the cat is doing well, she ended up in bed with the dogs and I, I think that means she has adjusted to her surroundings. She has been all over the house and has no problem with anything.
Because it was raining last night Stormy one of the outdoor cat went to the storage shed instead of into the kitchen.
Since I went to the post office yesterday and it was closed, I have to go back today. Also have to get some livestock food, Nellie's friend Nancy Nelson brought me some dog food and cat food yesterday and I really appreciated it, you can not imagine how much food; livestock, cat and dog, that I use.
I listened to several health webinars yesterday and have some to listen to today, one is from my favorite energy medicine person, Donna Eden. I am listening to a replay of a webinar about activating and rewriting your genes, very interesting.
I am looking forward to meeting an author who is doing a book signing at the Bella Vista Craft fair, Nancy Dane, she is a facebook friend.
Very foggy this morning following the stormy night.

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