Monday, October 4, 2010

Books, Dust and More Books

Princess came to stay for a week, she is a teacup poodle and is still a bit frightened by the other dogs, wants me to carry her all the time. It is cool this morning and everyone is laying in the sun or in front of the little electric fireplace. I spent lots of time yesterday cleaning books and bookshelves. Dusted lots of books, moved three large bookshelf units and was a bit tired when I went to bed. I started out just preparing a corner of the living room so I would have room for a small wood stove, one thing leads to another and since there is also a huge collection of dust on everything, I could dust 3 times a day and still have dust on everything. Those 52 little paws bring in lots of dirt and dust every day, especially since they dig a lot too. The air filters I have just do not take care of nearly all of it. When I was growing up we had a neighbor who had a dirt floor in her kitchen, sometimes I think I would be better off with a dirt floor. We were always amazed that she swept her dirt floor. I has been 70 years ago and I can still visualize her sweeping her dirt floor.

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