Friday, October 8, 2010

Great Birthday

I did have a great 76 birthday yesterday, out to lunch with my daughters, wonderful phone call from my son and grandson, and many greetings from friends and family. I used to have a rule that I would not spend money on eating out unless I was served on a white tablecloth, had a large cloth napkin, real silver, a crystal drinking glass and good service. Yesterday the girls did just that; all the amenities I wanted. Besides that the food was good and served beautifully. I got word from createspace that my proof book has been shipped and I will only have to approve it then it is available for sale on

We took a picture of my little visiting poodle and I from my webcam and I will attach to this blog, you can see how cute she is, as usual afterwards I remembered that I should have dressed differently but now you know how I look in my Jimmy dress at home on the computer.

another great thing happened, the Texas Rangers won both games so far in the baseball playoff games, guess we could win the World Series!!

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