Friday, October 15, 2010

Craft Fairs

Penny and I went to the Bella Vista Craft fair and Spanker Creek craft fair yesterday and it was great but made me very tired. I saw my friend, Julene Baker in her booth with all her animal portraits and Nancy Dane with her civil war novels and made a few new friends too. Found the very best raw honey that I have ever tasted and also saw a few old friends. I still think it would make a great book just interviewing some of these vendors. I do a little interview when I find a vendor that has done something very creative: the people with the honey spreads from WI,, the guy who makes rain barrels, the man from Texas with the fire starter, Elaine Sick from MO with Goats milk soap, Douglas Fulks a pen and ink artist from Missouri, Belinda Riley who does custom pet sculptures, a man who makes baskets etc, from pine needles, Essential oils, man from Kansas who does lotions for human and dogs, a man who makes models of all the football stadiums around the US. Just so many interesting people. I think next year I will just go and do some interviews for a book. Could do it in the form of CD so their interesting voices can be heard. The Cajun, MI, WI, Texas, etc. vocal patterns were so interesting. Maybe I am weird but I enjoy learning about people from all over the US.

I listened to more interviews via the computer; Donna Gates the most knowledgeable nutrition person in the world. I am still listening to her downloads.

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  1. you brought back a lot of memories, having watched the craft fairs grow to be what they are thru the years. What a wonderful dream Blanche Elliott had and how it grew at War Eagle and spread all over NW Ar. Am just not able to do the walking anymore. Going up Sugar Creek during the fair was always one of my favorites. Mother and Dad used to take their motor home and camp with the venders at War Eagle. When they got tired back to camp they would go and rest. They made some wonderful friends and looked forward to the next year.