Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wonderful Autumn Day

another beautiful day, sun looks so nice. I have Princess for 10 days and she is keeping herself glues to me until she decides that the other dogs and cats are her friends. I listened to seminars by David Wolfe all day yesterday so I am anxious to do some more writing. I have to find a place for all the things I pulled out of the closet yesterday, things I thought I had lost. Have to wash the rest of the winter bedding and clothes also. The animals are having their morning nap, I have my coffee, the dishwasher is busy, the washing machine is busy and I must get busy too. Penny brought me some stuff from the farmers' market yesterday so I will have sweet potatoes for lunch.

Am working on how I can hide Princess and take her with me to the First Christian Church in Rogers, fall festival performance. It will be at the Roger Little Theater so I could probably carry her in my purse and no one would know. I could put her in her little 'jail' and leave her here but I hate putting dogs in their kennels. I guess I like freedom too much. The wash has stopped so gotta go hang out the wash on the clothesline.

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