Thursday, October 21, 2010

I could have been "great" IF ONLY

I just figured out why I am not financially successful, after listening to many, many speakers and reading many, many books, if I had been abused as a child or teenager or had a dis functional family or been raised by alcoholic parents, I could have become a great person. I could double my income and been rich. So sorry but none of that happened to me and I am a very happy person. I sometimes wonder how many of the stories are out of the imagination of these people. I have many great memories of my childhood and I had wonderful parents.

Spent a lot of yesterday catching up of the information about the Melaleuca products and getting my order together. Talked a long time on the phone with my friend Joanne Perea, ran all the battery from my cell phone and did not get my garden plowed because I spent that time fixing fence, I am losing my chickens, I thought they might be getting out and free ranging too far. I can only find 6 of my nine little hens and roosters. Someone may have needed them or something may have needed them.

Am listening to a replay of a webinar by Jack Canfield this morning as I write and get my house work done. I downloaded his free gift as I always do, anything that is free is worth downloading.

Another beautiful day, all the dogs and cats are taking a morning nap in the sunshine that is coming through the doors and windows. Sophie, the outdoor cat, is laying in her box in the sun on the deck and everyone has full tummies. I am so thankful that I have a screen door on my front door so I can open up to the wonderful world outdoors. I am also a front porch sitter when I have time, years ago I had an old porch swing, I would love one now. I do have an old tire swing in my back yard under the old pine tree, it is too far off the ground for me but my nineteen year old grand daughter loves it. My oldest daughter Penny is coming over to see me today and that makes me very happy. I love those two legged creatures both family and friends.

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