Saturday, October 23, 2010

Acupuncture for vision improvement

Wow, my Texas Rangers are playing in the World Series!!!!
I am missing my old computer, people are e-mailing needing a copy of my book but their address is on the old computer, I have to re get the information. I have been sorting large piles of bits of paper looking for a note I made when I got the address. I am having trouble with, I am referred to a page where I can pay for an address, how about that, have to pay for an address. So many people used alternative phones too, in fact I do. I have my cell phone and a magic jack phone on my computer, our habits have changed so much.
Windy and rainy today will not be a good day to pass the football. I hope the Hogs have a good running game. I won't be working in the garden today or mowing the yard.
Just got a great offer?? only one dollar for a first month subscription then your credit card will be automatically billed $39.95 a month until you cancel. Number one it takes more than a dollar to process a credit card and it is going to be almost impossible to figure out how to cancel the subscription. I call that a scam even though a lot of people will not be so cynical and will bite. I got a great book yesterday by Dr. Yu who is in St. Louis. I would love to visit with him. I tried to read some of it in bed last night but with 12 dogs and a cat all trying to touch me, it was only possible to read the contents and a few pages of the book. Could not get it on Kindle so had to hold the book. It is a fairly large book so it will take a while to decipher all the information he provides. I have already read a lot about his ideas on his website, I like what I see. I heard about him when I was listing to some of the Longevity Conference.
Because of Monroe and Quincy, I have not been very faithful to my eye exercises so have to get back to it so I can do away with carrying my glasses around with me. When I can go without carrying glasses with me will be like the first time I could go out of the house without a diaper bag, so many years ago. I had carried a diaper bag for at least 8 years. Now I grab my phone and my glasses, put them in my pocket and walk out the door. We have an acupuncture clinic that treats eyes and improves your vision, when I requested cost, it takes about 20 visits or more and it is $45 a visit. Probably not out of line at all but I bet my medicare card that I never use would not cover it, even if I can find my medicare card.

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