Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beautiful Rain, Gratitude for rain

A beautiful rainy day, got my feet wet this morning but the dogs do not like wet feet so had a problem getting them out to do their business.

I spent the day yesterday listening to webinars and replays, learned a lot more from Dr. Shealy. Also did some research on the new acupuncture center in the area, their focus is eye health. May need to refer someone to her so want all the information I can get. If they are not too expensive, I can give them some clients. I really believe in all those energy modalities for staying well. I might even have a treatment if it is not too expensive, I could find something about my wellness that is not quite 100%. I got my books and video on Quantum Touch so will review them today, did not come on Kindle so had to buy a real book, wish everyone would get their books put on kindle so I won't have to buy another book shelf unit.

Next week, as of now, I have no sleepover dogs so I am going to make a trip to Monett, Mo to visit and promote my book. May try to go to Booneville,Pair and Ozark, Arkansas too. It will be nice to get away from these 13 dogs, 4 cats and my livestock for just a day or two. As poor as I am it is difficult to pay for gas both emotionally and financially. If I had enough income to pay taxes I could take all the expense off as a business expense but as of now I give away a lot more books than I sell, maybe that will change. It is a great day and I am so grateful for it and all the joys it brings.

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