Monday, October 25, 2010

Dealing with "the support team"

I am finally getting around to writing the blog, it has been a stressful morning. I decided that instead of waiting any longer on the phone for Gateway support, I would use the chat line, I talked back and forth to his person for about an hour and kept telling him/her that all I wanted was for them to give me the codes to send my computer for repair. She kept telling me to do stuff to this computer that would not even awaken. She/he finally told me to call support. I told her/him that I had tried, then was told that it was my only option. I got this machine that answers the phone to finally read back my computers numbers correctly after about a dozen tries, I got a man on the phone; probably a very fine person who sounded like Hasu so I think he was Indian. He again tried to tell me options for fixing my computer, I finally interrupted him and told him that I had had everything done that could be done by my expert and the company needed to repair the-- computer. All I want is a reference number to send the computer to them and if he was not going to do that it was of no value to talk to him. I finally got a number to use to return the computer for repair. I was on the chat and on the phone for over 3 hours and I think now I can send the computer to be fixed. I don't know why they call themselves a support team, they do not support the customer. I am not certain what he said at the end because I could not understand him but I was tired of asking him to repeat his statement. I now have to go do a few minutes of Spring Forest Qigong before I can finish my wash.

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