Sunday, October 24, 2010

trouble with my internet service

I am not happy! Since the storms yesterday I have not been able to get on my Internet and that makes me unhappy. It has taken me 2 hours this morning just to get into this site. I have not yet been able to pick up e-mail and face book. The indicators tell me that my wireless is working but it is just not happening. The TV in the living room on the cable box did not work either, had to watch the baseball game on the little one in the bedroom. Sometimes electronics are so fickle.

I have to plan my week today and decide when I am going to do some day travel to Mo and to the River Valley.

Monroe and Quincy went home last evening and now it is just me and my animals. The wind is blowing and has blown some of the apples from the top of the old apple tree, I have not been able to reach them even with the ladder and poles. The livestock think the wind is their fairy godmother.

I did some reading about, genetically engineered food, it makes me more aware of what is happening in the world that touches all humans. When I take a bite of food, I wonder if it has pesticides in it to make it grow without insects or hormones to make it grow faster, it is such a terrible thing. When I order seeds I do try to get organic heirloom seeds. It makes me want to get a green house so I can make my growing season longer for my garden.

I listened to more information from, good info.

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